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Hi! I'm Gene, and I'm a 19 year-old Filipino artist who loves ocs too much! I use she/her pronouns and I'm bi and taken! I wish I had Animal Crossing


This commission post is also available in all of my social media! Ask me whenever you're not sure if my commissions are open or closed. Prices and choices are subject to change. Read my terms of service if you're interested in commissioning me!

terms of service

1. First come first serve

2. One commission from one user at a time please!

3. Only the buyer has permission to use, unless the commission is gift art.

4. Feel free to share my art! But please remember to mention me in your credits.

5. Paypal is my most preferred mode of payment! But if you're coming from websites where I can accept other currency (ex. DA Points) feel free to pay in that value as well!

6. I prefer full payment up front. I will not start on the piece if you haven't sent me the money.

7. Please provide a reference sheet for the character/s! I prefer visual over written, but I accept written as well. I will send you a sketch of how I see your character if they are only described through words.

8. I'll give a starting WIP to my clients so that I'll be able to determine what I should change/add. Please don't hesitate in giving more details!

9. If a client is not happy with the piece, I can change it one more time. If they are still not happy with it, I'll return a 95% refund to the client.

10. Usually I can finish a piece in less than one or two weeks. Please feel free to check in from time to time about my progress on your piece!

11. I'm cool with deadlines, but as much as possible please do not give me one. The shortest deadline you can give to me is about two days from the deal.